Waters is the theatrical and conceptual composer of the band, its lyrical driving force, passionate and uncompromising.

His life path vibrates the number 5. Roger showed to the world his “discipline through hard work, dedication and focus on his project” (number 5 caracteristic). He’s been creating one of the most famous project in the world. He still does.

The main tricky side of a number 5 individuals is discipline. Waters copes very well with it. With the distorsion of the number. You ‘ll find a short video of someone talking about that at the end of the post. Roger Waters totally fulfilled is mission regarding this main aspect.

His life and creativity relates with the numbers making him vibrating. His body is under number 8, his spirit vibrates 6 and his soul is 9. All high vibration numbers. 

The complete numerology of the whole band is available on my site, in french. I’ll translate the whole thing as quicker as I can. The quicker is the better. For me ! Hope for you.

We can understand a lot of things and find the logic in people’s destiny when analysing their life and their creations through their numbers. I’ve dissected the 40 years of the Pink Floyd adventure, and I’ve discovered that almost everything occurs for a reason. So let’s start with Roger Water’s Life path 5.




Five number often means mouvements and changes. To sum up his relations with other members of the band, Waters made is youth friend Syd Barrett join the band, and participate to remove him a few years after. Later on, he fired Rick Wright, to hire him again as an employee. He himself slamed the door shortly after. After that he released 5 solo albums changing, not everytime but significantly often, musicians, sound-engineers and producers.

Add 4 divorces, quite a lot of mouvements and breacks then. I rest my case.

We find diversity in his artistic talents. He is multi-instrumental, playing bass, guitar, piano-synthesizer and wind instruments such as clarinet, trumpet or even shakuhachi on Radio K.A.O.S. 

What’s common with 5 people is energy, the need of change and stimulation. Waters uses the full monty to showcase his talents : singing, playing instruments, expressing himself in the band, in media and in front of his audience, writing profound and universal lyrics and componing complex pieces and a few … masterpieces !

It’s spirit came under the veil to incarnate and experience all those changes and moves. Not in his personal life only. Also to impulse them to the matrix-society and the whole world. And we’ve had our share ! And we still have. Well, to say the least, Roger Waters is not accepting the state of our fucking world, and express it.

He is an anti-system warrior of light and i personaly thanks him for that. Not accepting the world we’re living in is his main driving force, fighting the establishment again and again. Did they expect him to treat them with any respect ? They can polish their medals and sharpen their smiles, fuck all of them off, Waters will never welcome their machine.


“Entertaining people has never interested me, what i want is to move them”.


  • The creator of The Wall is fighting against all the walls built by the pigs governing us so far. They’ll all fall one by one (the walls and the pigs), the end times are coming. Waters is famous in performing and staging huge walls illustring his fights, from The Wall Live in Berlin in 1990 after it’s fall to his recent shows. Here a special version of Pigs (Three Different Ones) in Mexico City (October 1, 2016) dedicated to Donald Trump, shared from The Roger Waters’s  You Tube channel :


In fact Waters is right and wrong about Trump, who is draining the swamp. The swamp is the satanic establishment, far worse than Trump. Humanity will see their crimes exposed in mainstream in the years coming. The crush of the cabal is very close. Clinton’s in first place.

Many artists and politically left-oriented people don’t see the real darkness of our world, i was one of them. There a lot of cognitive dissonance going on, even for someone like Waters who sang The Powers That Be and who had the nervous system to be able to create Amused to Death, his best album for some fans.

Roger Waters’ s level of consciousness is very high still, he sharply smells what’s going on. He wants the truth to be told and always said it. We love him for that, or dislike him…

This truth is spreading very quickly and worldwidely, thanks to social networks and the rise of the energies. And now Waters is back ! He looked a bit “late” a few years ago. We’ll see that now. The more briefly as possible.


People’s level of consciousness is rising very quickly since the 2012’s new era. The world is discovering the giant worldwide demonic plot. Waters is in the middle of this conflict, like everyone of us he is impacted. But not like anyone he can influence people.


So let’s see Roger Water’s recent moves on the geopolitical chessboard :

Pic : RT News / Source : Olivier Morin. AFP

-1- He’s been fighting the Israel’s wall for decades. He even tagged it one day of 2006 in Bethlehem (Article with a pic of him doing it at the end of my post). Now he is highly engaged in the BDS movement. His position is quite famous on boycotting Israel. So we won’t talk much  about that.

However, let me share a photo of him wearing the palestinian keffiyeh. They invited him to the final of Roland Garros this year to unveil the trophy. They won’t do it again.



-2- On April the 13th, the day before the international coalition intervention in Syria, Waters declared during Barcelona concert white helmets is a fake organisation. “The organization exists only to make propaganda for the jihadists and the terrorists”.

Looks like Trump saying to CNN “you fake news”. They’ll become friends soon. I’m joking. One of Waters’s main goal is “to increase our capacity to empathise with each other and to act collectively”. Which is not really on the Trump’s agenda. 

Click there to see what he said to the spanish public that night :


“I know that this sounds like crazy conspiracy theory stuff, but it’s  not”


-3- Waters is talking with Russia in a recent interview to RT. He discuss his creativity process, the orwellian nations of the sheep, his BDS positions, the white helmets (he’s been approached twice) and the ‘false flag’ chemical attack. Half an hour of talking to enjoy here :


The last gig of the european part of the Waters’s Us + Them Tour was at the end of August 2018 … in Moscow, fortunate coincidence.

Very soon humanity will realise that Russia is the Michaelic armed arm of the divine plan on earth. The sword ! Russia is liberating today Syria from the last fucking terrorists still there. Around 100.000 of them’s been removed already.  Terrorists created, financed and armed by USA, Israel, France and England !

I mean, yes there is a divine plan for earth and Waters doesn’t know yet. Maybe Roger read he few articles about it. I wish. I wish i could talk to him about that.

But the evil on earth, Waters has always known it that’s for sure.


What I see at the present time is Roger Waters connecting the dots. Clearly. But not all of them. Refusing the New World Order, the bloody NATO policy and the satanic migration plan is not being racist, xenophobic or a complotist, it’s just beginning to be common sense for common people. Ask Italian or east europe people, or the yellow vests. People know more and more every day. 

Waters is still a little out of touch. As proof, restarting his tour in South America, did he removed the question mark about Putin being a dictator on the scene screen in Brasil ? No we saw new names added in Sao Paulo, like Orban, Farage, Salvini and brazilian candidate Bolsonaro on the list ! He’s been jeered. 

Listen to the reaction of the crowd reading a last message not to vote for who he’s calling a fascist. That was the night before second tour of the elections in Brasil, hummm…a mix of boos and cheers : Curitiba gig. R. Waters.



Going back to his numerology i’d like to precise we won’t see why he is so political in such simple figures as his life path 5. Number five gives in his case mostly the power to move the world and to change the society.

Figures give the personnality to cope with it, not the soul mission. For each one of us. 

Sorry if you don’t like to talk about politics. Both were highly political, the men and the circonstances. The world is shaking. The ancient world is colliding. Yellow vests are shouting. The 3M are shivering (Merkel, Macron and May). Soon Netanhayu will have no escaping. 

Less political to come. By far. I will translate ASAP the three Roger’s main parts, his Body, his Soul and his Spirit. And other members of the floyd 4 figures too, their life paths and the three rays. Lost in translation, need help…

Looking forward. The whole story of Pink Floyd you can understand by analysing it’s parts. It was an amazing jigsaw puzzle to undo piece by piece.

See you soon

Thanks for reading ♥ 


With all my love 




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