GOD IS A DJ (part 1)

     Picture by Ethan Weatherby. 


  • I’m in a quite gloomy and dirty bar in Brussel, nearby the medieval Halle gate. I just ate on the square of the Jeu de Balle after a quick look at the most famous flea market of the city. I don’t feel very well, my body tells me i’ve been too far.

It’s easier and easier to go too far since the end of 2012, you may have noticed it like I did. Our ascending bodies tolerate less and less.

So I enter the first bar, order a beer and ask for the toilet. I go to the first floor, leaving the only consumer. I come back from the kind of urgent trip we all experienced in a city abroad. I start to drink my beer while staring at the customer pics they took live.

I feel better, starting to moove my body, my feet mechanically beating to the music.

They play a good electronic(a) song I’ve heard many times already not taking care that much. But this time I’m sharply connected to it…I really give all my attention…I start thinking it’s a good song or a good remix I don’t know, I’d like to know…and now !

Always the same feeling in Belgium, they really love music, all kind of music. In the electronic field, the country of New Beat, Front 242, famous clubs like The Boccacio life…This is the sound of Belgium…I still have a couple of cassette…DJ’s were recording live yours if you were lucky…ideally a type II chrome…or a metal…a type IV…other times other customs…copying music on a physical object and needing another physical object (a big one!) to listen to it. The law of attraction was slow to manifest at this time !

Back to our internet nano-times. I refine my listening. Yes it’s good, sure it’s good…intelligent and well built. I love it actually…the voice of the guy, grave and deep…we have some surprising sounds, some breaks, some variations, some rythm’s changes…and great finds coming from nowhere…some original harmonies.

A clear simple and obvious groove not so easy when you carefully listen to it, and vice versa, starting from the complex it becomes very simple : classy in short ! Anything but flat. We feel a goal, this track is moving forward, without fraying.

Faith gives respect, calm and self-control. The heart is speacking, it gives substance and deepth. The intention of the heart brings this special mood, that’s what I’m feeling listening to it. Divine inspiration, light result. Style and content join themselves, can we say that ? I don’t know. I mean, the peace (???) is quite composed. Evil don’t. Evil can’t.

I take out my notebook. Since I’m “illuminated” I write in it all numbers, signs and synchronicities my guidance is giving to me. The more you listen, observe and write, the more they send to you ! And the more they give, the more you have to work too.

Once you’ve caught the hook, you’re fished.

Everywhere and everytime I take it out my small pocket notebook. Can forget to carry my ID or wallet, but my magic pad sure I won’t ! Feel nacked otherwise.

I must stop anywhere in the streets to note. Several times in the same street if needed. Signs, numbers and synchronicities comes all together. In continuous shooting you’ve got to read a possible message on licence plates, house numbers, clocks, road names, stickers, adds, tickets on the floor…and to hear a potential message in alarms, car horses, noises, songs, commercials, conversations. Watch everything : clouds, animals and people you meet.

I must look sometimes a bit strange’s Sherlock in town looking for invisible proofs. Some women smile observing me. Bless them. Nevermind, that’s how I am.

A personal and practical case : I had only 3 weeks to move from Lille in 2017. And half of my stuff to sell in a hurry. One late evening I was looking for shipping cartons in the street to pack my amplifier I’ve just sold.

I asked the angels for help. Help to make it very quick to find them.

I was late. I crossed the street running in front of a bus. (Don’t do that !). My head turned and I saw the it’s destination in red light on it’s front top : “Lion d’or”.

So I asked, still crossing the road out of zebra : “Did I read properly ? Did I understood well ?”

I jumped on the sidewalk. And what did I see on the ground ? A big “READ” in red. (The famous french brand with the red logo”LU” means Read ! in our language!).

Well, OK thanks. I’ve read perfect they meant. Thanks to them above !

So I went there, to the Lion d’Or Square area. I found the two perfect size boxes needed. And laods of bubble wrap to make the perfect double box to send 5000 miles away. Nice !

Back to our bar now. The track is already well under way. I’ve been not listening for a while. But suddenly I focus again. There, louder and sharper, detached from the rest, underscored by the silence and created by a strange depression of the atmosphere, I hear : “GOD IS A DJ”.

My intuition clearly said to me at this moment : “It’s for you !”. There’s no doubt, I know it, I don’t know how and why but I’ll sort it out after.

We recognise them in the silence of ourself those messages sended from the angels. From our higher self when it’s more precise. How ? Intuition and emotion embeded in a special vibration of the heart.

“Between voice and drum

It’s in change

The poetic justice of cause and effect

Respect, love, compassion

This is my church”


  • So, ok the message God is a DJ is printed in my head. I decided to find this song they played on the radio playlist. I wrote a few sentences in my pad, I paid and left the bar.

I stayed in town all night when I planned to go back to work. I rented an rbnb flat in Belgium hoping this breack would help me to find inspiration. The global plan was one week of work and one week outside. This plan remained at the draft stage, I spent most of the time outside.

Googling back home, I found the name of the band : FAITHLESS. I knew it of course. Not to be confused with Faith No More. No disillusionment nor nihilism here. So I spent most of the night listening to their music and interviews. This band is very spiritual. On the light side. I might say Maxi Jazz is the spiritual voice and Sister Bliss is the sound channel. What a connected duo ! I love them ♥.

I particulary like the very intimist album To All New Arrivals. It rated 30th only in UK album chart when previous one, No Roots, reached number one. Love the sleeve too. I remember the furtiv apparition of Robert Smith on one track. Crocodiles something…

So I came to Brussels to write about Amused To Death. And I have swiched from Roger Waters to Faithless. DJ Greg is a little bit confused. It looks like my little I am is behind the desk, but it’s not. The big I am choose the tracks I play in my life. Once again ! Have a look in your life, it’s the same.

A few month later I went for a blog. Asking myself what article to start with, came the title “GOD IS A DJ”.

And me asking above : “What ? Sure ?  ” – “Yes” – “OK – The title is amazing. Thanks. Let’s go !”.


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